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Our Booking System

A quick note before you are able to book: Have you been to our Meet and Treat yet?

Are you enquiring about our ‘first daycare free’ promo special? Well, there are just a few requirements we must check before we can allow any dog on the property, and that is a current ‘certificate of vaccination’. This is one thing that any dog faciality will require, as one dog who has not had the correct shots, can shut down our business for 2-3 years. So, as you can imagine, we need to be on top of this. But, its very simple, you just call your vet, and ask them to send you one. It’s a very common request, and they should send it straight over. Then, just upload it to Meet and Treat yet?  OR, just give Mark a call or msg on 0457 27 1111 for more info

All dogs must have visited one of our Meet and Treats before they stay/daycare (we hold these every Saturday). This is so we get to know their personality to make sure all dogs who stay with us are safe, get along well and have a great time at the Dawgy Hotel & Daycare. More on our Meet and Treats here.

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