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The Dawgy Foundation Mission Statement

The Dawgy Foundation is a non for profit community service striving to give your Dawg a sanctuary for them to be surrounded by like minded canines. By doing this we are giving members of the local community a trusted home for their loved one to stay, much like their own home. This also helps in giving peace of mind to those owners who are worried sick they have left a member of the family at home all alone during the day, or by paying a business to lock up your loved one for the majority of the day in a cage. Knowing their Dawg is with its own kind helps with members of the communities mental stability.

We know and understand just what it is like to be without your best mate. So we make sure you feel 100% comfortable by requesting each and every possible contributor to fill out a meet n treat and request a time to come up and see the dog areas for yourself. In doing so we give you the peace of mind knowing and seeing for yourself that this is really a Dawgy Hotel. We will also send you as many photo updates as you like. When you are away, missing your offsider, a simple pic of them can make your day. Just knowing they are OK resolves you of the guilt we all feel that they could not come with you. If they really are having a great time, well then so can you.

Dawgs are pack animals and we just seem to forget that. The Dawgy Foundation gives Dawgs a safe place to get back to basic and eat, sleep and play under supervision.

They love us to bits but Dawgs are like kids, they need to be socialised to help with their own social development. We all know how some puppies can be and having an older Dawg showing them what’s appropriate and what’s not, of course under supervision, is really beneficial for them. It’s how they have done it since the dawn of time and going back to their primal instincts can help them become a much more grounded and balanced Dawg. After spending time with us and the pack your Dawg will now be a much happier and well-mannered “community Dawgy member” who now has the confidence and understands how to react in many new scenarios.

Such a simple thing: being with a pack of Dawgs, can do such a great deal of help to some Dawgs with separation anxiety, OCD and depression. And having a best mate who you just met and played with all day cuddled up right next to you when the lights go out, can really be of great comfort for your Dawgy, at least they are not alone 😊.

At our grooming salon, we aim to to offer the best possible all natural products so you also feel safe knowing your Dawgs skin condition will be thought of when they are being washed.

Our goal is to give your Dawg the best possible place to stay and to further our commitment to helping new and expanding communities in the future, with their own Dawgy sanctuary.

Dawgy Hotel

Our Team

Mark Dowsett

Head Dawg


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Dawg Lover


Dawg Lover


Dawg Lover

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