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Has your dog had a bit too much fun in the mud?

We offer a wide range of grooming services

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We are experienced to give these injections and medicines at your request, and best of all we do it for freeeeee!

We are still most of the original team from Wag Wash & Groom we have just had a name change & have a new manager to assist our rapidly expanding business.

So there are no disappointments, please go to our website ” Book Now” button with at least 1 weeks notice.

Yes – our highly trained Groomers have all trained at the same academy

Yes, for an extra $30 we offer Daycare in the salon or on our Dawgy hotel at Ingelside for a day visit. This is done in a case by case scenario. As some dawgs have a bit more energy then we can accommodate in the salon.

Yes for an extra $10 in the mona vale/bayview area. Other areas $20 return trip

Yes, it is a requirement.

There are many factors that contribute to this. How your Dawg handles the groom, if the Dawg’s before yours behaved themselves & their owners brought them in on time. In a perfect world 1.5 hours for a small dawg up to 3 hours for medium & 5 for large/extra large depending on coat.

We will take your Dawgy to the closest veterinary clinic- Mona Vale Vet

Yes it can as we have an allocated room for puppies to be groomed

Unfortunately we wont be able to have your Dawgy return for Pampering as it clearly isn’t an enjoyable experience for the Groomer or the Dawgy.

Our qualified stylists will access the seriousness of the matting to determine whether it is safe for us to groom your furbaby – may decline if we feel it is too dangerous to do.

Yes, we only use Natural solutions on your Dawg.

Of course, just pop it in a little bag labelled with your Dawg’s name and give it to our stylists upon arrival.

We kindly ask you take this with you as it is easy to loose track of who’s who’s.

Yes- we are all about LOYALTY! refer a friend for 10% discount.

Yes for every 100 Points earned you get a $100 Voucher.

Every $100 spent = 1 paw point
10 Paw points = $100 voucher
Booking on line only!
Redeem through out all of Dawgy Co services

Refer a friend – Free Day care for a day at our Dawgy Hotel