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What We’re About

No matter if your dawg is a sociable fella or more of a lone wolf, we offer dawg walking in both packs or solo, depending on what suits your pooch. We love dawgs of all ages from puppies through to adult dawgs.

We’ll help you make sure your dawg is fit, healthy and burning off that excess energy. Otherwise… your favourite shoes are getting eaten!

Pack Walks 

Let your dog build their social skills – and their dog walking skills – in one of our dog walking packs. All packs will have a maximum of 4 dawgs so we can give your dawg the attention they deserve.

When walking with our packs, your dawg won’t just roam dog walking parks. We let them walk, sniff and run their way all over the Northern Beaches.

Your first dawg walk is also free!

We use this an assessment to make sure your dawg fits in well with the pack. We don’t want your dawg or any other dawgs to be stressed – we just want everyone to get along!

Solo walks

Does your dawg need some one-on-one love rather than a social pack walk?

Are they entering the golden years (or just get tired easily) and might need our walkers to carry them for the second half of their journey?

Or maybe they just don’t always get along with other dawgs.

If this is the case for your pooch, an individual dawg walk is the perfect solution. We’ll take your dawg out for an hour’s walk so they can get some well-deserved exercise and outdoor time (and so they won’t wear out you or your household!)