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How We Treat Your Dog

When it comes to our guests’ nutrition, we source the highest quality dog foods from our partners at the Good Pet Food Kitchen and Big Dog Pet Food. Prior to check-in, we’ll provide owners with menu options to choose from so everyone can be sure your dog is perfectly catered for whilst staying at Sydney’s best hotel for dogs. Giving you confidence that your dog is living the good life whilst you are too!

Rest assured that incredible attention and care is given to all dogs, with special focus given to any small anxious dogs and those super duper extra special senior dogs making sure they are always comfortable and are not being stressed out by any big dogs or crazy young whipper snappers also staying at our dog boarding lodge. We aim to cater to each guests’ individual needs and preferences, so the design of our home-style accommodation for dogs ensures each dog gets the flexibility to do and be wherever they feel comfortable! Whether that’s chilling alone on the sofa in the living room or playing outside with a friend, your dog will never want to stay anywhere else again!

Whether you’re checking your dog in for a 2-week vacation or they’re just spending the day with us, you’ll never feel guilty about leaving them – just don’t be surprised if they don’t want to come home!

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We love Kangen Alkaline Water

At the Dawgy Co we’re committed to the health and wellbeing of our customers (your dogs!) and so we only use Kangen Water at our property.

So what is Kangen Water?

Well, did you know not all water is created equal?

Kangen Water is alkaline, anti-oxidant, super hydrating water – and it’s delicious! Kangen is a Japanese word meaning ‘return to origin’. The water eliminates toxins and wastes from the cells of the body and transports nutrients and hydration deeply into the cells. It also restores the correct alkaline/acid balances. It provides the most powerful antioxidant known to science, helping fight and counteract ageing, disease and the effects of free radical cellular damage.

Where do we get Kangen Water from?

We use Kangen Water machines which are made in Japan and they’re actually registered medical devices (that’s how amazing the water is). The technology has been used in Japan for more than fifty years and across a range of industries – health, agriculture, hospitality, research – and it’s installed in most leading hospitals. We don’t think you can get a much better endorsement than that!

Want to know more about it? Check out this video

So when your dog comes to stay or is pampered in our spa, they’ll be treated with the best quality, most energising, hydrating water you can get. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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