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Mission Statement

Just because you’re on holidays doesn’t mean your dog should miss out. At our Dawgy Hotel your pooch will be treated to the holiday experience and receive the very best care – long walks, playtime in the park, luxury kennels, delicious home-cooked meals. From Beef San Choy Bow Wow to Beef Mutt Loaf, you can hand select from our menu to suit your pooch’s unique tastes. You can rest assured that when you get back from your holiday, your dog will be as relaxed and carefree as you are.

Dog Hotel

Has your dog been playing in the dirt, living too much of the playful pup life, or do they just need a bit of a freshen up? We offer a range of dog washing services depending on how dirty your dog is along with practical grooming and breed specific styling. Using only the best products to nourish, clean and style, your dog will never have looked or smelt so good.

Dog Grooming

Your dog’s needs might be pretty simple. To walk, to play, but we also know you’re busy. Our team walks dogs all over the Northern Beaches and will take out your dog so they can let off some steam and be returned to you happy and content. No matter if your dog is a sociable fella or more of a lone wolf, we offer dog walking in both packs or solo, depending on what suits your pooch. We want to help you make sure your dog is fit, healthy and burning off that excess energy. Otherwise… your favourite shoes are getting eaten!

Dog Walking